Thorough 45 minute eye examination.

We believe in taking our time with our patients and never rushing during an eye examination, hence all our examinations take at least 45 minutes (as opposed to the rushed 20 minutes eye test offered by most chains). Patients over the age of 70 or under the age of 7 automatically get a 1 hour slot.

Our standard 45 minute appointments allow a thorough eye examination, including a photo of the retina (fundus picture) at no additional cost. Our highly experienced optometrist is known for being very patient and understanding.


An optional OCT scan 

Patients may request an Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scan at an additional cost. This scan allows a very detailed view of the eye through 3D scanning technology. 

The technology uses a laser light source, and only takes a few minutes.
Our optometrist Rupinder Gill explains: “This technology scans the different layers of the back of the eye. This allows us to examine the structure of the retina and the optic nerve in much greater detail compared to traditional retinal photography which only captures a simple picture of the retina.

‘OCT is used by hospitals to diagnose and manage an array of eye conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, vitreous detachments and age-related macular degeneration. Having it in store means that we can identify any symptoms or potential eye complications at an early stage during routine eye tests. We are then able to make an informed decision about whether or not to refer the patient to hospital for treatment.
‘As these images are securely saved in patient records, it also allows us to monitor our patients’ eye health overtime and proactively spot any changes.”

Contact lens consultation

We can fit you with contact lenses if you are a new wearer. An initial consultation will consist of a full check up of the front of the eye, a thorough explanation on the different types of contact lenses available, as well as a teach so you are aware of the pros and cons of using contact lenses and how to care for them. 

We also perform a yearly after care to check the health of the eye if you are an experienced wearer. 

How often should you have an eye test?

As NHS registered opticians, we strongly advise you to have an eye test at least once every two years. 


How much does it cost?

  • Eye examination (private): £30
  • OCT scan: £25
  • Contact lens consultation: £45
  • Contact lens after care: £25
  • We also provide free eye test under the NHS for children under 16, patients over the age of 60, and patients receiving certain benefits. To check your entitlement and for further information on NHS free eye tests and optical vouchers, please click here. 

Booking your eye examination

Book your eye test online or by giving us a call on 01752 415490 (Plymouth) or 01752 404544 (Plymstock).

If your previous eye test was done by another optician, we kindly request you to bring in a copy of your prescription if possible.


Other eye health appointments

We also offer additional services such as post-cataract checkup, glaucoma and Minor Eye Care at our Plymouth practice.