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Sam Wonnacott


Who am I:

Born in Plymouth, I started my first job in optics at 16, working in the industry ever since. After having finished my A levels, I’m happy to be taking my gap year working in the industry I’ve come to greatly enjoy being a part of.

Why the world of optics:

Optics presents a daily host of diverse challenges, and in responding to these challenges I’m presented with endless opportunities to grow myself and help others. 

What I like best about Iconic:

Iconic Opticians is comprised of a close knit group of professionals, and is a place where I can confidently call my co-workers friends. We offer a tailored made experience which gives me the time to get to know our patients, forming relationships that I truly believe would not happen anywhere else - all while being able to deliver a precise and professional optical service.

What catches my eye:

I am a keen boxer and Mixed Martial Arts fighter, and I love keeping up with my fitness. I’m also hoping to study engineering and go into the armed forces.