Marie Blagdon

Pre-testing Specialist

Who am I:

Born and bred in Plymouth I'm a mum of 3 amazing grown-up children and I have 4 lively grandchildren who are a huge part of my life. I also have my dog Rossi to keep me company. Before joining the world of optics my career was in childcare which I loved and found it so rewarding.

Why the world of optics:

I've worked in optics for 5 years now and find it very interesting. I love how every fundus photo I take of the eye is different, just like a fingerprint. I learn something new every day, fascinating!!

What I like best about Iconic:

For a start we have 3 amazing optometrists, we are an independent who strives to give every patient an amazing, bespoke and personal experience so they will keep coming back to us. We offer a warm and friendly environment. We have a great team who make our patients needs top priority. Iconic offer a wide range of quality, modern glasses, something to suit everyone.

What catches my eye:

In my spare time I love walking with my dog and I like to cycle when I can. My family are a huge part of my life and I love to spend time with them. I love to shop and I am a bit of a shoe addict... not to wear - just to keep in boxes and look at them! I will have a pair of Jimmy Choo one day! I love the theatre and spending time with friends.