Manasa Pithani

3rd year Optometry Student

Who am I:

I was born in the southern part of India and I spent a few years living abroad in other countries before finally settling in the UK from the age of 7. I am currently studying optometry at Plymouth University and working part time at Iconic Opticians.

Why the world of optics:

I was looking for a career path in healthcare when I was doing A-levels. Therefore, I decided to work at a local opticians to have an insight into the industry. I really enjoyed working there and realised that this is something I want to pursue which has led to me to undertake a degree in Optometry.

What I like best about Iconic:

Iconic Opticians is a patient-centred practice which is what I wish to be associated with as an optometry student. By working at Iconic I was able to broaden my skills and I aim to continue to do so with my lovely colleagues and of course Dinesh!

What catches my eye:

I love to travel and see amazing sceneries. One scenery that really stood out to me was the breathtaking fjords of Norway and I hope to go there again! I also love to bake brownies, cakes and other treats for which I have been always praised about :D